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About Us

Our goal is to create a scuba diving center in Cozumel that is based on the 3-S principles; Safety, Service and Simplicity.

We know that diver safety is synonymous with education and continuous training. Let's face it, with proper training comes improved skills and a more relaxed and skilled diver will result.

We believe in the "Golden Rule" when it comes to customer service; as we're all active divers, we treat all customers and those who are not yet customers as we'd wish to be treated.

Scuba Diving should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. No hassles and no worries. Everything we do at Deep Exposure Dive Center is centered around making your scuba diving vacation, a vacation…not work. We do all the work for you. Well maybe not all the work—you still have to swim.

Cozumel Mexico is perhaps the worlds #1 drift and wall diving location. We are blessed with consistent warm water currents that quite literally let you "fly" along the beautiful reefs and walls with little or no effort. Even if you don't have too much drift and wall scuba diving experience, not to worry. Within a few dives, we'll have to flying like Chuck Yeager, or for the younger crowd, Luke Skywalker.

The Boat

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US toll free 1 (866) 670 2736, Cozumel Ph. 52 (987) 872 3621 Deep Exposure Dive Center on Facebook

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