NAUI Scuba Diver

NAUI Scuba Diver

This entry-level class consists of academic development via self study and instructor led classroom sessions, a series of confined water dives to help learn skills and build confidence and have fun, adventurous training dives. If you're looking for a quality Scuba Diving class that offers something more than a quick gloss-over of essentials, this is it. Classes are available per request.


Scuba Diver is the NAUI entry level scuba certification course.It provides the fundamental knowledge and skills to scuba dive.Upon successful completion of this course, graduates are considered competent to engage in open water diving activities without supervision, provided the diving activities and the areas dived approximate those of training.


Age. Minimum is 15 years for Scuba Diver certification. (Junior certification for ages 12 –14 years is allowed).
Diver Certification. None required.
Prior Training. Students who hold credentials from the NAUI Passport Diver Program may, at the discretion of the instructor, be awarded credit for skills and knowledge acquired.


  • Ratios. Standard ratios apply. (for DE the ratio is no more than 4 to 1). Specific open water supervision policies are detailed below.
  • Hours. Academic - 14 hours estimated. Practical Application - 17 hours including not less than 10 water hours.
  • Open Water Dives. The minimum number of open water dives is five. They may be all scuba dives or one skin dive and four scuba dives. No more than three scuba dives may be made on a single day during the course. Open water training may be completed in two days with a skin dive and two scuba dives on one day and two additional scuba dives on the other day. All open water training must take place during daylight hours.
  • Daily Hours. No more than eight hours of training may be conducted during any one day.
  • Depth. Sixty feet (18 m) is the maximum depth for any open water training dives during the course.
  • Escorting. Certified assistants may escort students during surface excursions and exits, ascents and descents and may temporarily attend to remaining students while the instructor conducts a skill with other students. The maximum number of students allowed per escort during underwater tours is two.
  • Touring. During the second or subsequent open water dives, pairs of students may be escorted on tours. The instructor must evaluate the following skills for each student before that student is allowed to tour with a certified assistant: – Remove, replace and clear a regulator. – Regain primary regulator from behind the shoulder. – Mask clearing, including removal and replacement. (In cold water environments when mitts and hood seals are used, confined water removal and replacement is sufficient.) – Hover without support or significant movement. – Give, recognize and respond appropriately to common underwater communications. – In a stationary position at a depth of approximately 20 feet (6 m), share air in a controlled manner with another diver; be both the donor of air and the receiver of air. – Monitor air supply and communicate amount remaining upon request.
  • Navigation Exercises. Certified assistants may accompany students during navigational exercises or the students may be overseen by the instructor.
  • Dives Beyond Those Required. No dives are to be interspersed between “required” dives. Following satisfactory completion of all dives required for certification, dives for the purpose of expanding the qualified diver’s experience may be overseen. Extra dives will be charged at a rate of $80 per dive.